Get Yourself Ready for an Amazing, Successful 2020

At SpeakQ we are focused on looking at what’s possible. What would be possible for you if you were filled with positive energy and at optimal performance in life and work?

With the new year around the corner, we want to help you gear up for a 2020 where you pave the way to your desired future! We are excited to offer viewers a 12-part mini-series focused on the latest research findings, tips, and techniques to live life to your fullest. Each video is just 2-3 minutes long, with new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Research shows us that as much as 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions, abandon them by the second week of February. We don’t want you to be in this 80%, so we are giving you a head start now with this amazing series.

Nurturing your mental wellbeing will improve how you handle challenges, your career possibilities, your relationships, and how you manage stress. We invite you to follow along and discover the science-backed key behaviors to living a well life, preparing you for a 2020 of increased capacity, impact, and fulfillment.

EMQ Video Series

Solutions Focused

Factor 11 of 12 Resiliency has been called the number one skill to thrive.  In this video learn how resilience helps you handle uncertainty and how you can move productively and positively through challenges!

Positive Outlook

Factor 9 of 12 Positive outlook is not thinking everything is amazing or ignoring the negative.  Find out how this powerful technique can make you more productive and more innovative!

Basic Wellbeing and Self-Care

Factor 7 of 12 Self-care goes beyond exercise, healthful foods and rest.  In this video discover how successful people take care of their minds and bodies for increased energy and capacity!


Factor 5 of 12 Research shows that our relationships heavily impact our wellbeing. In this video, learn how your interactions with others affect your level of personal satisfaction!


Factor 3 of 12 What makes truly accountable people more successful? In this video uncover what they do differently, what holds people back, and learn how you can raise your level!

Support Network

Factor 12 of 12 How does a support network help increase innovation and productivity?  Learn how in this video and start building your own now!

Purpose and Meaning

Factor 10 of 12 Having a sense of purpose has been linked to lower health risks and longevity.  So many people live life by going through the motions. In this video learn how to...

Mindful Practice

Factor 8 of 12 No, it’s not just meditation.  What is mindful practice and how does it increase focus and decrease stress?  Find out in this video and start reducing the distraction and noise in...


Factor 6 of 12 Why do some people feel a sense of achievement and growth, while others feel stagnant?  In this video, discover what may be blocking you from the benefits of a true sense...

Alignment of Task and Time

Factor 4 of 12 Our biggest commodity is time. So often people end up busy, but not progressing, or overwhelmed by their never ending to-do list. In this video learn how to unlock...

Featuring Sarah Deane


Created by Sarah Deane, EMQ is a research-based diagnostic and growth system that fast tracks positive behavior change to enable people to live life at optimal capacity and potential.

As a Silicon Valley based innovator working at the intersection of behavioral and cognitive science and A.I, she is focused on using data-driven, human-centered approaches to expedite the pace of positive change. Through her extensive research and application, she discovered 74 attributes that impact your ability to perform and feel your best and used this to create the EMQ diagnostic, the fastest and most accurate way to understand the influence of how you behave and think. In her 12-part video series, she will break down each factor and provide easy life hacks for you to implement today!

Sarah has been recognized across the industry, winning The Human Resources Today MVP Awards in the Leadership Development, Analytics, and “What’s Next in HR” categories, authored The Wellness Formula and has been featured at conferences and events such as SXSW, America’s Women Leadership Conference and Executive Presence for Women at Stanford as well as platforms such as the Huffington Post, CIO Magazine, Next Concept HR Magazine, Business News Daily, Training Industry, Thrive Global, Business2Community and more.

Learn more about Sarah here.

EMQ leverages the power of data to immediately understand the influence of how you think and behave. It's the fastest and most accurate way to identify what's impeding your achievements and happiness. By zeroing in on where, how and why you are being negatively impacted and revealing a roadmap to what needs to be started, stopped or continued, EMQ will help you live at optimal energy, mental strength, and capacity!

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