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SpeakQNetwork's mission is to inform, connect, share and serve. Our goal is to report what is happening and what is possible with women in business, technology and politics.

Be Your Best Self with EMQ

Nurturing your mental wellbeing will improve how you handle challenges, your career possibilities, your relationships, and how you manage stress. We invite you to follow along with our 12-part video series and discover the science-backed key behaviors to living a well life, preparing you for a 2020 of increased capacity, impact, and fulfillment.

Top Stories


The Competitive Nature of College Admissions

Neha Gupta, Founder & CEO of College Shortcuts, shares how college admissions have become increasingly competitive and the importance of writing a powerful application essay. "It isn't about...

A Conversation with Andrea Jung, former Avon CEO

After being initially passed over for the position of CEO of Avon, Andrea Jung had a decision to make. To stay or to go and pursue other opportunities....

I Can Do That!

#SpeakQNetwork had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Shivani Gupta. Listen in and be inspired as she shares with us her journey of developing and designing a vitamin brand and her belief that...

Qualities that Make a Successful Leader

Sandra Di Moise shares how being the first woman CEO at Citibank in Panama taught her the qualities that make one a successful leader. She says, "It's very...

How to be there for your children when you’re not physically with them.

In this week's Success in Mantras Series we feature Caroline de Posada- Rodriguez as she shares her motto of how to be there when you are not there. It's a...

It Takes a Village to Get Things Done!

  Since we are approaching the end of the school year, I thought we would acknowledge Myra Martinez for her unselfish and unwavering service to the high school seniors that she serves. Myra's motto is,...

Business Skills for the 21st Century

Emily Gresham, Director of StartUPFIU, shares the skills that are fundamental to the success of an entrepreneur because as she says, "entrepreneurial skills are the skills of the 21st...

Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone

What do you do? Who do you become after being falsely accused of a crime you did not commit? Learn through Sheena Eizmendiz' story about the power of resilience and...
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