“If it Feels Good… It IS Good!”

Success In Mantra’s Chef and Author, Angelique Santana’s journey to food started in an unconventional way – she fell in love with the kitchen first! Learn more about her journey from student-athlete to celebrated chef and now author of the book – Food is Love! […]

From Teacher to Congresswoman

This is the amazing trailblazing story of an 8-year-old little girl who fled communism from Cuba with her parents seeking freedom and opportunity in the U.S. THis is the story of how she went from being a teacher to serving in Congress for 29 years. […]

I Can Do That!

#SpeakQNetwork had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Shivani Gupta. Listen in and be inspired as she shares with us her journey of developing and designing a vitamin brand and her belief that she can do anything. Click to Watch!

The Path to Forgiveness

S:2 E:7 The Path to Forgiveness What is the internal change that happens when you come face to face with the harsh reality of making a bad decision? And once you own up to it, what does the path to forgiveness look like? Rashmi Airan […]

Living Life to The Fullest

S2: E3: Living Life to The Fullest   Imagine being an avid runner who actively participates in at least 10 races a year. Now imagine being told that due to unforeseen circumstances you may never walk again. This is the position Margaret Brisbane found herself in- […]

Strength in Faith

S2: E2: STRENGTH IN FAITH How do you find happiness after loss? Where does the strength come from to pick up the pieces and move forward while still honoring your loved one? For many, this is a daily struggle and today Dr. Betsy Guerra shares […]